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pcAmerica software integrates seamlessly with three types of POS scales. Below is an outline of products we support:

1. POS Interface scales: A simple electronic scale that is attached to your Grocery Store Point Of Sale System for weighing items like produce, salad-bar servings, nuts, candy, frozen yogurt, tea leaves, coffee beans and other bulk items. This is the most affordable type of scale for your grocery store and most operations weighing products. Our produce scales are available in pounds, ounces and kilograms.

2. Scanner/scale: An in-counter scale that also includes a multi-directional bar code scanner. Scanner/scales are used in Grocery Store Point Of Sale Systems and Deli Point Of Sale Systems. These scale/scanner products are most often used in grocery supermarkets and enable cashiers to seamlessly transition from scanning a barcode to weighing items which ensures quick throughput at the POS station.

3. Deli scale: Commonly used at a deli counter, where employees can weigh the product, type in a key code, and the scale will print a bar code sticker to be scanned at the point of sale system. pcAmerica point of sale software supports a direct connection to some deli scales through the scales middleware which keeps pricing consistent between your POS system and your scales.


Point of sale systems that interface with scales must be approved by the Nation Conference of Weights and Measure / National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) if you want to connect it to a weight scale(applies in US.) Cash Register Express software from pcAmerica is NTEP-approved.

If you have any further questions about weight scales and how they can benefit your Grocery Store Point Of Sale System, or Deli Point Of Sale System please visit

FAQ - pcAmerica Weight Scales

Please browse the scales below for more information:

CAS PD-1 Serial Weight Scale
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CAS PD-2 Serial Weight Scale
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Metrologic MS2020Honeywell/Metrologic MS2020
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Honeywell/Metrologic MS2320
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Metrologic MS2320





Honeywell/Metrologic MS2400
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Metrologic MS2400