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Software Bundle Snuffs Out Age Verification Problems

Software Bundle Snuffs Out Age Verification Problems, Bolsters Operating Efficiencies

Selling age-restricted merchandise, such as tobacco, liquor, and gambling products, can pose challenges to retailers. Federal regulations stipulate that age verification must be performed in stores before customers are permitted to purchase these items. Doing this job manually is not only time-consuming, but a risky proposition because of the potential for human error.

Seeking to minimize problems in this area while bolstering other efficiencies, Tightwad Tobacco, a retailer of tobacco products headquartered in New Castle, Pa., turned to Charlotte, N.C. based-VAR POS Nation for assistance in selecting and deploying a new point of sale system. At the time, the merchant was experiencing “all sorts of problems” pertaining to age verification, said the owner. “With thousands of customers, we were entering all of their information into our system by hand which is not the most accurate way to do it.”

POS Nation recommended that the retailer deploy a solution comprising EasyDL™ age verification software, available with Cash Register Express point of sale software from pcAmerica. Eight point sale terminals were also included in the configuration, at a cost of $32,000 for the entire package.

With EasyDL™ in place, customers’ birthdates are quickly verified by scanning the bar code on their driver’s licenses, thus ensuring compliance with federal regulations. Other data, such as addresses and telephone numbers, is also instantaneously and accurately captured and then populated to automated customer records and mailing lists. “In addition to being a more accurate way to follow the rules and check customers’ ages as well as to capture their information in our database, the software saves employees a lot of time. This increased productivity has an indirect positive effect on our profitability.”

Meanwhile, Cash Register Express is sparking heightened productivity and greater operational efficiencies on the point of sale side. Automating the customer checkout process speeds up shopper throughput, saving additional employee time and making yet another contribution to the bottom line. The software also tracks inventory and identifies the store’s best and worst-selling items, ensuring that the right tobacco products are on the shelves when customers want them. In addition, time-and-attendance tracking makes it easy to manage employees’ hours and enhances payroll accuracies.

Tightwad Tobacco commented, “The entire system was very easy to install, presented no training challenges, and went live fast. Our investment in a point of sale system not only mitigates risk for business but also streamlines our retail operations.”

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