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Internet Payment Processing - Why You Need It

A noticeable trend has emerged at the point of sale; instead of using cash, people are using plastic to pay for purchases. According to David Gosman, Senior Project Manager at pcAmerica, "Credit and debit card usage in retail stores has risen sharply in the past five years compared to cash or check usage." The convenience, ready source of spending and the benefits of paying by credit card have been major players in the increase. This benefits the retail purchase, because, "Customers are more prone to spring for the impulse buy, pushing the average credit card sale 30% higher than its cash counterpart."

Credit card and debit card processing times average 25-45 seconds per transaction on a standard dial-up connection using old technology. During the holiday season and other busy times of year, these times can skyrocket due to congested phone and computer systems. For many stores and restaurants, the delays have resulted in longer lines and frustrated customers.

pcAmerica, through a partnership with CoCard Systems, has reduced transaction time to 2-5 seconds per transaction. pcAmerica, the developer of the Cash Register Express retail point of sale system, and CoCard Systems provide the integrated online credit card and debit card processing IN LESS THAN 5 SECONDS.

Rick Jernigan, Merchant Account Provider for CoCard, reports, "Industry studies have shown that for every 10 seconds by which retail stores speed their average checkout time, they can capture an additional 1% in sales volume." Customers are more willing to bring merchandise to the cash register if the line is moving fast. Additionally, less time spent on checkout gives employees more time to personally attend to potential customers. "20-30 seconds saved can result in a two to three percent increase in sales."

About CoCard
CoCard is a full-service credit card processing and merchant services provider, specializing in retail/storefront credit card processing, Internet credit card processing and wireless credit card processing. For more information, contact Rick Jernigan at (800) 317-1819.

About pcAmerica
pcAmerica is the creator of Cash Register Express and Restaurant Pro Express and has computerized more than 25,000 retail stores and restaurants throughout the world. Cash Register Express and Restaurant Pro Express are available directly through pcAmerica or from local distributors around the world. For more information, contact David J. Gosman at 1-800-722-6374 x228, e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or visit their website at www.pcamerica.com.