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1345 Old Northern Blvd
Roslyn NY 11576

Shop for Gifts

Shop is a gift store in Roslyn, NY that organizes their wares into different sections. The women's section includes sweaters, scarves, and unique merchandise such as Jewelry from Dara, a well-known designer. Those shopping for a man can find a selection of beautiful cufflinks, watches, picture frames, travel pieces, or useful items in the "art of shaving" section. Other sections include gifts for the home, table top items, and baby gifts. When you are looking for a special gift for any occasion, you should make Shop your first stop.

Inventory at the Right Time

Robin Matza, owner of Shop, knew it was important to have a point of sale system in her store from the first day her store opened. "We have a wide variety of products in our store, and only a few of each. We need really good inventory control, which is virtually impossible to do by hand." Robyn knew that a cash register can only track dollars sold, and won't give her the information she needs to help her business. She chose Cash Register Express as her point of sale system. "CRE keeps track of every item we sell. I can run a simple report and the point of sale tells me what items sell best at which time of year. That's a very important figure, with a lot of gifts purchased during different holidays and seasons."

Point of Sale System Made Easy

A lot of time and planning is required to open a new store. Robin wanted a system that had all the features she needed, but was easy to learn. "Cash Register Express is very user friendly! Everything was easy to set up, and pcAmerica was always around to answer our questions." The cashiers learned the point of sale system easily. To ring up a customer, all they need to do is scan the bar code of each item and choose how the customer is paying. Robin comments that, "CRE has been a pleasure to use. I opened up with the perfect software."