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Sophisticated performance

Kangol outlet co-owner Chuck Sternfeld needed a way to manage the hundreds of styles, colors and sizes offered by this fashionable hat maker. Sternfeld said, "It's important to us that we know exactly what we sell, and which sizes and colors are most popular. I knew we needed an apparel point of sale system that tracks this, not just a cash register."

Inventory information at your fingertips

Cash Register Express, with its built-in 'Styles Matrix,' organizes inventory by style, with size and color clearly displayed in an organized grid. "I can bring up the cotton beret style and easily see what's in the store, how many were sold and what's ordered and on its way. Cash Register Express (CRE) lets me find out anything about our inventory in just a few seconds."

Keeping the register ringing

"Long lines are flat out unacceptable in a store like ours. One key feature we needed in our point of sale system was speed." With pcAmerica’s POS system, merchandise can be rung up with a quick bar code scan. Kangol also uses pcAmerica's Internet credit card processing service, provided by Access Online Payment Systems. "Most of our customers pay with a credit card. CRE processes the cards unbelievably fast."