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Big Daddy's Liquor

135.ht1_small“Cash Register Express is just amazingly fast. Even credit card transactions only take a few seconds. Lines move faster, people don’t have to wait.”
- Henry Kosiner, Owner


Huntleigh Home Medical

DSC00466_small"We love Cash Register Express for our store. One of our favorite features is the customer-tracking feature. CRE will allow us to keep a history of the purchases our customers make."
- Michael D. Flores


Illinois Railway Museum

MVC-006F_small"The system really paid off, and I'd like to use it for our daily operations. I'm going to work to get the Board of Directors to let me install the system in our existing stores."
- Bob Vighi, Manager



blue_logo_small "It's amazing that Cash Register Express tracks so much information, and has so many features, yet it's so simple to use. Whenever we'd have questions, pcAmerica has been there to help us. They've turned our suggestions into new features, advised us on how to configure everything correctly, and overall provided the best support we could have hoped for."
- Chuck Sternfeld, Owner


Lighthouse Liquor

Liquor1sm_small"Cash Register Express is one of the most reliable and stable systems I have seen on the market. I can leave for a few hours, or for a couple of weeks, with confidence that the system will run without flaw."
- Dan Butler, Owner