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Point of Sale Solution
a Boon to Saloon

Information is power, and without it, something is bound to fall through the cracks.

Just ask the owner of Five Star Saloon in downtown Reno, Nevada, which features billiard tables, casino games, and a dance floor as well as full bar service. Until recently, management was struggling with manual methods of keeping track of their operation. Cash and inventory were difficult to control with the traditional cash register that had been in use for quite some time. The fact that the saloon is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week only complicated matters, as the owner could not be on the premises round-the-clock to keep a watchful eye over operations.

Rapid POS, a San Diego, California-based VAR, was asked to configure an automated solution to Five Star Saloon’s problems. The solution needed to be feature-rich in order to get the job done. However, it also had to be dependable and easy to operate, given the lack of management-level supervision at some hours of the day.

To meet these requirements, Rapid POS recommended that the operator install two Stealth S-line all-in-one 15” touchcomputers, bundled with pcAmerica’s Restaurant Pro Express restaurant point of sale software. The customer liked the all-in-one design of the S-line units, whose integrated thermal receipt printers and credit card readers make them foolproof to use whether or not a manager is present and eliminates concern about printer, video, or other cables that can accidentally become unplugged and cause disruption of service. In addition to this simplicity and dependability, saloon management liked the fact that the units’ small footprint—15” tall and 14.5” wide (16.25” with MSR)—would allow for placement in tight spaces on the bar.

Yet another plus: The point of sale software enables tight control over operations by supporting overall inventory management, open bar tab management, bar tab pre-authorization, sales tax reporting, employee scheduling, time and attendance, and more. Employees are able to reliably track open tabs with ease, thereby minimizing shrink. Shrink reduction also stems from the tab preauthorization function, which prevents customers from consuming beverages and food and subsequently claiming they are unable to pay for them. Cash flow and inventory levels have progressed from “weak” to “exceptionally strong”, says Barton McCleskey, CEO of Rapid POS. He added that Rapid POS customized the software so that the look of the touchscreen visually suits the “mood” of the establishment. Icons representing the items most commonly ordered from Five Star Saloon’s menu were assigned to prominent positions on the S-line for servers’ convenience and to speed up the ordering process.

Not surprisingly, with only three cords to plug in—one each for power, the Ethernet connection, and the cash drawer, the customer was able to install the hardware without assistance from the VAR. All basic software functions were mastered the day after the point of sale systems arrived at the saloon, with a transition to learning more advanced functions easily made the following week.

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