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pcAmerica Launches new Point of Sale Leasing Program

pcAmerica Launches new Point of Sale Leasing Program

New initiative offers all-in-one solution for every level of credit and system set-up

Pearl River, NY – September 2, 2010 – pcAmerica, a leading developer of retail and restaurant point of sale software, has launched an innovative new leasing program that accommodates the needs of clients ranging from independent start-ups restaurants to multi-million dollar roll outs for national restaurant and retail chains.


pcAmerica Credit Services, offers a “one-stop-shopping” solution that incorporates all of a business’s needs--including hardware, software and technical support services. The company offers 24, 36, 48 and 60-month terms.


pcAmerica’s new program offers leasing options to start-up restaurants and retail stores, an unusual break from the standard practice of requiring a business to be in existence for a minimum number of years before qualifying for a lease. Especially friendly to small businesses, pcAmerica will lease system set-ups for as little as $2,000, whereas many companies will only deal in more substantial leases, sometimes starting at $10,000.


“pcAmerica’s new leasing program bundles together all of the elements a business needs to open its doors or upgrade its existing technology,” said Richard Rotbard, President of pcAmerica. “We are pleased to be offering one of the most efficient and flexible leasing programs available. Applicants work with a single point of contact and most are approved within one business day.”


Leasing a point of sale system is an attractive alternative for new businesses seeking to reduce its start-up costs associated with a new point of sale system. It also offers companies the option of modernizing their point of sale systems every few years, so they always have the best technology on the market, with minimal out-of-pocket investment. To learn more about our leasing programs, visit www.pcamerica.com.


About pcAmerica

Founded in 1985, pcAmerica has been providing computerized point of sale software solutions to the retail, restaurant, and hospitality industries for over 20 years. With over 50,000 users worldwide, our point of sale software solutions are used by both chains as well as single location independent operators.  Our lengthy track record as a proven point of sale solutions provider is driven by continuous product innovation, uncompromised customer service, and simplicity of use. Headquartered in Pearl River, New York, pcAmerica is a division of Automation Inc, a privately held corporation. To learn more, visit www.pcamerica.com