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January 14, 2010 - pcAmerica Bridges the Gap Between Social Networking and Customer Loyalty

Pearl River, NY- January 14, 2010 - Tasti D-Lite, a leading provider of lower calorie frozen dessert treats, has announced the integration of their social networking initiative into their customer loyalty program using pcAmerica’s Restaurant Pro Express POS software solution. This marks an unprecedented event, as it is the first time that a retailer has connected social networking activity with in-store purchasing activity.

"Tasti D-Lite is continually looking for new and innovative ways to interact with our customers. Many of our customers already share their experiences at Tasti D-Lite on Twitter and Foursquare. Creating a platform to reward them for using and promoting the brand through social networking was a natural evolution of our marketing strategy," commented BJ Emerson, director of information and social technologies for Tasti D-Lite.

How It Works

Customers who enroll in the Tasti D-Lite program can sign-in online and connect their Twitter and Foursquare accounts to their myTasti.com account. Every time the customer uses their "TreatCard" when making a purchase, an automatic Tweet and Foursquare check-in will be posted by the Restaurant Pro Express POS system to the customer’s account indicating that they have earned reward points. For every 50 points earned, a medium cup or cone can be redeemed, another activity that is posted by pcAmerica’s point of sale terminals to Twitter and Foursquare. Points are awarded one point for every dollar spent (before taxes). For each social network connection that is enabled, a point is awarded every time a transaction is made.

"Social networking is an affordable marketing method that can be utilized by both chains and smaller, independent businesses. Showing a tweet when a customer gets a free dessert can have a viral effect as other potential customers wonder how they also can get a free dessert. In short, with the adoption of this new point of sale technology, social networking now equals affordable viral marketing," commented David Gosman, CEO of pcAmerica.

Ever since social networking became popular, companies have been trying to find ways to realize a solid return on investment. This tie-in to customer loyalty programs will not only generate awareness for a company, but can now also generate sales. For more information on how to integrate social marketing and point of sale technology, visit www.pcamerica.com.

About pcAmerica

Founded in 1985, pcAmerica has been providing computerized point of sale software solutions to the retail, restaurant, and hospitality industries for over 20 years. With over 50,000 users worldwide, our point of sale software solutions are used by both chains as well as single location independent operators. Our lengthy track record as a proven point of sale solutions provider is driven by continuous product innovation, uncompromised customer service, and simplicity of use. For more information, visit www.pcamerica.com.

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