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Payroll is one of the most time consuming responsibilities for business owners, but it doesn’t have to be anymore. pcAmerica’s integrated payroll solution reduces the amount of paperwork and time spent working on payroll by gathering information directly from the point of sale database. Using the POS terminal, business managers can easily track employees' hours, view and modify their time punches and calculate tips or commissions. The integrated solution stores job titles, wage rates and W4 information. It also tracks new hires, time off, vacation and sick days and 401K matching.

In just a few clicks, owners submit their payroll electronically to Payroll City to calculate overtime wages in accordance with local laws, handle garnishments, complete federal and state quarterly tax filings, and automatically issue checks or direct deposit. The services can be tailored to meet the needs of any size business and doesn't require any pricey upgrades or new equipment.


• Eliminate errors associated with manual entry
• Accurately submit payroll electronically in moments
• Tailor payroll functionality to suit a business' needs
• No expensive upgrades or complex mapping
• Scalable to meet the needs of any size business

Integrates with pcAmerica Time Clock

The Cash Register Express™ and Restaurant Pro Express™ POS systems include a time clock function that allows employees to clock in and out, accurately tracking their attendance, hours worked and paid/unpaid breaks. At the end of a pay period, owners and managers can review and submit this information directly from the POS system to the payroll service.

Other features include the ability to:

• Eliminate manual timesheets
• Track tips and commissions
• Print and view individual shift reports
• View or modify time punches

Automatic Payroll Calculations Including Accruals

The pcAmerica payroll interface automatically calculates payroll taxes, special deductions and processes garnishments. It also calculates and tracks accruals including paid time off, vacation, sick time and 401K matching.

Administer Federal Payroll Tax Deposits

The partnership with Payroll City ensures that a business is in compliance with the IRS and virtually eliminates the possibility of fines and penalties. The integrated solution calculates state and federal tax filings and generates reports of quarterly and annual filings. The system also supports local filings and new hires reporting. Connect Payroll with HR and Accounting Software.

The payroll system allows businesses to streamline its entire payroll process and integrate it with most human resources or accounting software packages. The system also provides an IIF file formatted especially for QuickBooks.

On Time Payroll Delivery

Payroll will always be delivered on time in the selected format: paychecks generated on security enhanced check stock or a convenient direct deposit. If garnishments need to be calculated, the payroll system will provide a check that can be sent to the appropriate agency along with the payroll.

Real-time Access to Payroll Information

Forget shuffling through files and documentation--business owners and managers can access their payroll information online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It's easy to input, review, manipulate and analyze payroll data from any computer. Reports may be downloaded directly from the internet, eliminating overwhelming amounts of paperwork. Secure, online access to payroll records may be granted for third parties including accountants or employees who want to view their past payroll information.

Flexible Payroll Reporting

It's no longer necessary to compile and store hundreds of pages of reports. pcAmerica’s payroll solution compiles payroll information into one easy-to-read report. Reconciliation is simple with reports in several optional formats, including PDF, MS Excel, XML, tab delimited, CSV, and more.

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