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Moxie Boutique Signs on for BPAY to Attract New Customers, Increase Repeat Business

Moxie Boutique Signs on for BPAY to Attract New Customers, Increase Repeat Business

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Moxie Boutique is a contemporary clothing store located on the University of Delaware campus in Newark, Delaware. The store, which caters to women between the ages of 18 and 30, is known for its stylish array of casual and cocktail dresses, trendy apparel and accessories. The boutique’s owner, Cari Rogers, was looking for a new and innovative way to attract shoppers to the store. She was drawn to pcAmerica’s Cash Register Express™ point-of-sale system because it offered enhanced marketing and payment capabilities through a partnership with BPAY, a new mobile payment system offered by Barclaycard, in conjunction with Paydiant.

BPAY utilizes a phone’s camera to scan QR codes to complete and track purchases. Unlike many other mobile payment methods, it requires no additional hardware, making it a cost effective choice for Moxie Boutique. As an added bonus, BPAY users have access to offers they can only receive and redeem via the BPAY app.

“It makes perfect sense for us to be involved with a program like BPAY,” stated Ms. Rogers. “I cater mainly to students who understand technology better than anyone and aren’t afraid to try new things. This was an amazing chance for me to grow my business, it makes sense for my clientele and fits in perfectly with the way I advertise.”

Paydiant’s mobile payment platform allows banks, retailers and restaurants to incorporate mobile wallet capabilities into their own iPhone® and Android™ applications. In addition to its integration with Paydiant, pcAmerica clients can also support a number of other compelling mobile wallet capabilities including pay online, offer and coupon creation, selection and redemption in store and online; and digital receipts and refunds by simply updating to the latest version of the software.

After evaluating Ms. Rogers’ goals for Moxie Boutique, the pcAmerica team coordinated the system setup, which was able to go live quickly after establishing the new merchant account for BPAY. It only took a few minutes to teach employees how to ring a sale and most customers only needed a short explanation to understand the program and the benefits that would be created exclusively for them through BPAY. 

The BPAY sales transactions are tallied separately from regular ones so it’s easy to track and evaluate the success of the program. An email notification is sent to Ms. Rogers when the application is used and an email is sent when the funds are batched into her account at the end of the night. 

"Mobile payments and programs like BPAY are going to shape people’s shopping preferences in the future," said David Gosman, CEO of pcAmerica. "People are looking for a retail experience that’s personalized for them, and the coupons and special offers from these new applications are a good reason for shoppers to keep coming back.”

Since enrolling in the program, Moxie Boutique has become more visible, gained loyal customers and enhanced its relationship with established clientele. Ms. Rogers has seen an uptick in business since she began using BPAY and estimates she will see a 15% increase in sales next year.

“We’ve seen a lot of women who thought our clothes were out of their price range, but once they got in the door, they saw how affordable our products actually are,” said Ms. Rogers.  “Many of the women we’ve met become repeat customers because they got a great deal using the app.” When the store is running a BPAY offer, average sales increase because many customers will purchase additional items during a promotion or stop in to pick up a dress or shirt they’ve been eyeing but didn’t want to spend the money. 

In the future, Moxie Boutique will use the application’s inventory control to help identify merchandise for price reductions, establish a loyalty program and track consumers’ spending habits to offer a more personalized level of service.

Download a PDF Version