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MagTek IPAD Certified by pcAmerica

MagTek IPAD ® Certified by pcAmerica

Combined solution offers highest level of cardholder data security, operator convenience

Pearl River, NY – May 17, 2011 - pcAmerica, a leading developer of retail and restaurant point of sale software, announces that the MagTek IPAD® has been certified to work with pcAmerica point of sale systems. This announcement reaffirms pcAmerica’s commitment to offering payment processing solutions at a level of security above the standard requirements of PCI compliance.

Through this encryption-based POS system bundle, card data is encrypted at the point of swipe so the application never handles card data "in the clear." This solution supports credit, pin debit, gift and hand-keyed transactions and tokenization without compromising the speed and convenience of the financial transaction.

“pcAmerica has long been committed to providing its retail and restaurant customers with a level of data security that goes above and beyond satisfying PCI compliance requirements set forth in the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS),” said David Gosman, pcAmerica’s Chief Executive Officer. “Encrypting the data inside the terminal before it ever reaches the computer, as the MagTek IPAD does, offers them this critical advantage.”

Gosman added that while encrypted magnetic stripe readers (MSRs) encrypt only card swipes and can therefore be utilized solely to execute credit card transactions, “with the MagTek IPAD, we bring to customers the same added security for all credit card transactions-- swiped and hand-keyed--as well as for PIN debit transactions. We also give them the convenience of electronic signature capture on the same point of sale device, reducing paper usage and making storage more organized.”