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Kabob Hutt Boosts Profits

Kabob Hutt Boosts Profits and Customer Satisfaction Using Restaurant Pro Express™ Mobile

Kabob Hutt, a Persian restaurant in Corona, California, is a local favorite known for its generous portions, exotic spices and belly dancing performances. The restaurant draws rave reviews from diners who can’t get enough of its lamb, chicken and filet mignon kabobs, stews and flavorful appetizers. In addition to its delicious and reasonably priced Middle Eastern fare, the restaurant is also known for its friendly, helpful service.

The Kabob Hutt’s management team wanted to build on their already excellent reputation and implement changes that would make the restaurant run more efficiently, reducing wait times for tables and streamlining service so diners could get their meals even faster.

The Kabob Hutt is currently using pcAmerica’s Restaurant Pro Express™ (RPE) point of sale system, so they turned to the Pearl River, New York based POS company for a solution that would enhance their system’s functionality. pcAmerica recommended Restaurant Pro Express™ Mobile, the company’s mobile POS software that works in conjunction with a stationary POS terminal. The wireless solution allows servers to take orders and process payments tableside through a mobile device with an attached, encrypted credit card reader. RPE™ Mobile operates on Apple iPod touch® and iPhone® devices and seamlessly integrates with their existing pcAmerica Restaurant Pro Express™ point of sale system.

Easy to implement, Restaurant Pro Express™ Mobile quickly integrates pre-existing inventory and menu items from a traditional POS terminal onto mobile devices. The intuitive ordering interface ensures that servers only need brief training before they are able to start taking orders and processing payments.

Restaurant Pro Express™ Mobile began making a visible, positive impact on nearly every aspect of Kabob Hutt’s day-to-day operations almost as soon as it was installed. Using the new mobile devices, the staff is able to input orders tableside and transmit them directly to the kitchen printer, so the kitchen staff may begin preparing them immediately. The result is a shorter wait time for meals, a higher table turnover rate and more satisfied customers.

In addition to shorter wait times, the new tableside ordering process ensures that the servers are able to correctly input orders the first time, reducing the number of forgotten orders, mistakes and wasted resources spent remaking food or drinks that were improperly entered into the POS system. These time-saving improvements allow servers to spend extra time at their tables, up-selling menu items and giving customers an overall higher level of service.

“By entering orders tableside, our customers know that we will prepare their order quickly and correctly,” stated Shawheen Abdi, Sales and Marketing Director for Kabob Hutt. “Since the order is being submitted right in front of them, diners can see first-hand that they will have less of a wait, which makes them more inclined to order additional items.”

When it comes to the numerous ways that Restaurant Pro Express™ Mobile has helped their business, Abdi has only one piece of advice for other restaurants thinking of implementing the mobile technology. “There’s no need to overanalyze—just go ahead and implement the system,” he said. “There are many different ways this mobile POS package can enhance your restaurant, especially if you are looking to provide a dining experience with less waiting and better customer service!”

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