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A great way to keep customers coming back to your business is to give them a great value. Many stores offer kits, which could be a discounted price for a package of items. With kits, you can sell any number of items to a customer for one special price while tracking the individual inventory levels of each item that makes up the kit. For example, a stereo system might sell for $995 which includes a receiver, a DVD player, a tape deck, speakers and a cabinet whereas each item sold separately may be a higher price. Cash Register Express will deduct each component from inventory when this kit is sold. However, you still can sell the same inventory items individually. The kit feature adds the flexibility to your store that not only makes your life easier, but will make your customers happy.

Kit Maintenance - Easy to use kit setup screen. Just assign a bar code number (item number), description of the kit, an override price and the items that belong on the kit



On the invoice screen simply scan the bar code that is on the kit to add it to the invoice. All the items on the kit will be displayed and accounted for.