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Running a fine dining restaurant requires a lot of hard work and long hours. Keeping customers happy as well as tracking your stock and employees are the main ingredients to a successful restaurant. Restaurant Pro Express Point of Sale system will help you manage your restaurant with its vast feature set of valuable inventory tracking, employee tracking and easy-to-use touch screen interface.

Choose from a variety of table management screens where you can see exactly which tables are occupied and even track how many people are at each table. You can also process many tables at once by putting the invoices on hold and opening other tables. Remote kitchen printing is a must for a good point of sale system. This allows you to add menu items to an invoice from a highly customizable menu screen and send the orders to as many remote printers as you require. The items that need to be cooked will go to a kitchen, all the drinks will go to the bar and all the deserts will go to the desert station. The orders are sent at the touch of a button.

Features like high speed internet credit card processing and quick entry touch screens will speed up the invoicing and checkout process so that you can move your customers faster and more efficiently. Customer loyalty features, like gift cards, will keep your customers coming back. Combining all these features into one package makes Restaurant Pro Express the right choice for your restaurant.

Servers will also have an easier time when they utilize Restaurant Pro Express Mobile to take orders tableside. With tableside order entry, servers will be able to enter an order in real time as the customer is placing it, modify the order at the stationary point of sale system if necessary and even checkout customers right at the table. Mobile POS, put simply, allows for quicker service and happier customers.

A typical system will consist of small form factor Dell computers, thermal receipt printers, credit card reader and LCD flat panel touch screen monitors for waiter stations. You should have at least one cashier station that will consist of a cash drawer, receipt printer, credit card reader and touch screen monitor as well.

key features:


Complete Register Station as Shown $3795

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Computer shown includes Restaurant Pro Express, Dell small form factor computer, Epson thermal receipt printer, MMF cash drawer with organizer, credit card reader, Logic Controls pole display and ELO flat panel touch screen


Waiter Station as Shown $2995







System shown includes a thermal receipt printer, Dell small form factor computer, credit card reader and LCD flat panel touch screen monitor. Each waiter station should have this combination of hardware peripherals. It is recommended to add a server for systems with more than 3 stations.