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Elo Touchcomputer Improves Employee Dining Experience

Elo TouchSystems All-in-One Touchcomputer Improves Employee Dining Experience

Customers in many vertical segments have long relied on equipment from Tyco Electronics Elo TouchSystems, a worldwide leader in touch technology, to help them solve a variety of problems and improve business productivity. Now Tyco Electronics itself is benefiting from a solution that incorporates Elo TouchSystems equipment and affirms its belief in the effectiveness of its products.

A $10.3 billion provider of engineered electric components incorporated into thousands of consumer and industrial products, Tyco Electronics maintains a campus in Menlo Park, California that serves as home to Elo TouchSystems. Until recently, operations at The Commons Café, the campus’ on-site employee cafeteria, were less than efficient. Traditional cash registers were used to process POS transactions, resulting in slow customer service and long lines. Headaches were especially prevalent during the busy morning and lunch hours, when time-strapped employees needed to eat quickly and return to work.

To improve the situation, Tyco Electronics replaced the traditional cash registers with the Elo TouchSystems’ 15D1 All-in-One touchcomputer running Restaurant Pro Express POS software from pcAmerica. The 15D1 is installed with the Elo Touch technology acoustic pulse recognition (APR), which is well-suited to withstand the potential abuse of a food service environment by resisting spills, scratches and can recognize touch with virtually any stylus, including fingers, pens or credit cards. “Our relationship with pcAmerica enabled Tyco Electronics to seamlessly deploy a new point of sale solution for our cafeteria in one day,” stated Mark Mendenhall, vice president Tyco Electronics, General Manager Elo TouchSystems. “It is gratifying to utilize our all-in-one touchcomputers to improve the efficiency of our operations and in turn provide better service to our employees.”

To ring up employee purchases from the grill and deli areas, cafeteria staff simply tap the corresponding icons on the touchcomputer rather than key in a long series of numbers. Selections from the salad bar, which is priced by the pound, are weighed on the scale, with calculated totals instantly and automatically transmitted to the POS system. Once payment for food and beverages has been received, the thermal printer generates a receipt in a matter of seconds.

The new POS system was installed in one day by Elo Touch Systems’ internal IT staff. In addition, Restaurant Pro Express is easy to learn and simple to use, enabling The Commons Café team members to be entirely up to speed on the new POS system after only a few hours of training. Best of all, Tyco Electronics employees enjoy far speedier service in the cafeteria, with more customers handled in significantly less time.

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