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E-commerce Integrated Solution for Cash Register Express

pcAmerica's e-commerce solution, powered by NitroSell, is designed to help businesses create or enhance their online presence or web stores. This features rich e-commerce functionality integrates web store activity with the in-store Cash Register Express™ point of sale system. Orders placed online are downloaded to the POS terminal in near real time and fulfilled in-store. Shoppers may also return their purchases at the B&M location.

Available for a low monthly fee, pcAmerica's e-commerce solution is simple to use yet powerful enough to deliver everything delivering a retailer needs to take its business online.

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Seamless Synchronization to Your
In-store POS

In just a few clicks, staff can modify a website in-store and it will automatically update online, allowing retailers to easily change promotions, product images and descriptions, pricing and other information. The e-commerce interface also includes a variety of tools that sync inventory levels, customer and shipping information and sales reports for the online and B&M stores.

Easy Order Fulfillment

Retailers can use their in-store POS system to manage orders that are placed online. CRE has a customizable work flow to help manage order fulfillment. First, staff receives notification that an order has been received, then the order is accepted and payment is processed. When the orders are ready to be fulfilled, a pick list is compiled, items are shipped and a final shipment confirmation is generated. Employees may also print packing slips, enter shipment tracking details and automatically generate an 'order shipped' e-mail. The POS can also be used to notify customers via email if their web order is delayed or backordered.

Marketing and Promotions Tracking

Retailers can stay in touch with their client base through customizable e-mail templates that inform customers of a new registration, order confirmation, sales promotions and fulfillment/shipping information.

Businesses can also improve their customer service and increase repeat sales by using the point of sale system to monitor foot/web traffic and buying patterns. This information can be gathered and used to make product recommendations online or to develop in-store or web-only promotions. It's easy to gauge the success of these campaigns by tracking promotional codes and coupons.

  • • Link web-only promotion codes with reason codes to the POS system
  • • Fully customizable promotional panels allow retailers to advertise special offers, pre-order items and new items. Built-in RSS feeds automatically send promotion updates to subscribers with one-click links to the web store’s product page. 
  • • Cross-selling features include themes where retailers can easily define related items for suggested selling or “customers who bought also bought” on product pages 
  • • Create product availability, out-of-stock and re-ordering messaging 
  • • Store a history of customers’ web orders available online for them to view Social Media

Social media endorsements are an easy and effective way to create a buzz, so retailers should harness the power of this medium to drive sales and cultivate customer relationships. It's easy to attract new customers with Facebook “likes”, Twitter shares, Google + and Pinterest. An increase in “likes” or online mentions of a product or store usually means an increase in foot/ internet traffic and sales.

Centralized Data Management

Instead of maintaining separate records for B&M operations and the web store, a single interface manages inventory levels, customer information and reports for both outlets. When staff is updating store stock levels, availability, pricing and promotions, this information is automatically updated online, eliminating discrepancies and the possibility for error.

Shipping and taxation amounts are synchronized between the in-store POS system and web store so that charges can be harmonized across both channels and maintained from a single location.

Detailed Business Reporting and Analytics

CRE gives retailers the option to list e-commerce transactions and in-store sales separately in select reports generated by the system. A secure log-in gives designated personnel access to additional reports, including detailed, hourly updates on a web store's traffic. They may also view historical information, including visitor totals, revenue, and number of web orders. pcAmerica’s e-commerce system o?ers full integration with Google Analytics including e-commerce transaction tracking.

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