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special pricing

Cash Register Express Point of Sale give you the flexibility you need when it comes to setting up special prices for items. Four major features include bulk pricing, sale pricing, time based pricing and global special pricing. With bulk pricing, you can give a special price for a certain quantity of items (for example, 2 for $3.00). Sale pricing allows you to specify a percentage off the item during a certain date range. Time based pricing allows you to choose certain days and the times within that day where a sale will kick in. This is especially effective for a bar where you may have a happy hour. Lastly, Global Special Pricing allows you to add a sale to an entire department or a many items at one time. Also, it allows for a date range for the sale to kick in.

Features such like these makes Cash Register Express (Restaurant Pro Express) point of sale system the choice of many retailers and restaurants throughout the world. Not only do these featured simplify inventory control, but it also helps bring your customers back to you. Couple the special pricing with customer loyalty features like coupons or mass e-mailing and you are sure to increase sales.

  • Sale Pricing - add a sale price with a percentage off on certain dates
  • Bulk Pricing - Choose a special price for a certain quantity sold
  • Time Based Pricing - Choose the days and times during the day where the price adjustment will kick in


  • Choose to apply either a special sale price of discount for all items, items in a particular department, or you may choose certain items that you specify. This feature will globally change the prices at the touch of a button.