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Cash Register Express Updated With New Tax Functionality For Privatized Liquor Sales

Cash Register Express™ Updated With New Tax Functionality For Privatized Liquor Sales in Washington State

New tax option allows retailers to calculate the sales and liter taxes for spirits

Pearl River, NY – (July 27, 2012) – pcAmerica, a leading developer of retail and restaurant point of sale software, has added a new tax functionality to comply with privatized liquor and spirits sales in Washington State. The new tax options are available in the latest version of Cash Register Express™.

On June 1, Washington shifted to a “license state” structure under Initiative 1183, which allows private retailers to obtain a license to sell spirits. Previously, Washington residents have only been able to purchase liquor at one of the 350 state-owned or contracted stores.

The new opportunity to sell liquor requires retailers to calculate and charge the state’s 20.5 percent tax on spirits and a $3.77 liter tax, which is applied to liquor sold by the liter or milliliter.

“The taxes can be confusing for customers and businesses, because state-owned stores included them in their prices, but private retailers do not apply the taxes until checkout,” said David J. Gosman, CEO of pcAmerica. “It’s very convenient for shoppers to be able to purchase liquor in stores they already frequent, so it was important to implement a solution that allows retailers to calculate the correct taxes without misunderstanding, while maintaining the same level of speed and accuracy that customers are used to.”

Cash Register Express™ allows cashiers to charge a variety of tax rates, including: one for general merchandise, another for spirits and a third option for the liter tax. An alternate tax setting is available for wholesale purchases. The ability to apply the different tax rates in a single transaction allows shoppers to purchase liquor items and general merchandise at the same time, pay the correct tax on their items and quickly finish their shopping.

pcAmerica has a growing customer base in Washington using Cash Register Express™ for its liquor sales. More than 1,500 retailers in the state are now licensed to sell liquor.