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Retail stores need a bar code scanner for fast checkout. They also need an inventory management system to keep track of what they’ve sold. That’s where the bar code scanner and inventory control software come in.

A barcode scanner is meant to speed checkout by scanning barcodes from your merchandise. Using an inventory management system and point of sale system, the barcode scanner enables the inventory control number to be added to the store’s computer system.

Depending on your needs you may choose from a number of different types of barcode scanners, ranging from simple handheld scanners to tabletop scanner to multi-directional laser bar code scanners. Inventory control is made easy with the use of bar codes and with a bar code scanner system, efficiency is increased.

Honeywell 3800G Honeywell 3800G Barcode Scanner
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Honeywell Xenon 1900Honeywell Xenon 1900 Barcode Scanner with Easy DL (Drivers License)
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Metrologic FocusHoneywell(Metrologic) Focus Barcode Scanner
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Metrologic GenesisHoneywell(Metrologic) Genesis Barcode Scanner
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