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Alley Kat Lane Bowls Strike With Software Combination

Alley Kat Lane Bowls ‘Strike’ With Software Combination

When Alley Kat Lane decided to open, a candlepin bowling alley in Kingston, Mass., they created a list of “must-haves” for the point of sale system to be installed in the facility. Functionality and an automated means of verifying customers’ identification topped the roster of features on which they refused to compromise. A point of sale system that includes Cash Register Express retail point of sale software from pcAmerica and the EasyDL™ age verification solution from Honeywell Scanning & Mobility Solutions, sold together by Charlotte, N.C.-based VAR POS Nation, fulfills these requirements.

The point of sale system POS Nation specified for Alley Kat Lane encompasses one terminal on which Cash Register Express resides; EasyDL™ seamlessly integrates with the software. The rapid transaction processing capabilities of Cash Register Express enable the facility to quickly serve guests who are paying for lane and shoe rentals as wellas for

miscellaneous merchandise, food and non-alcoholic beverages. Enhanced inventory tracking and reporting capabilities allow insight into which items are selling and which are not, paving the way for more informed decision-making and better customer service. Cash Register Express also tracks employee hours and wages, bolstering scheduling and payroll efficiencies.

Meanwhile, the age verification piece of the puzzle prevents a number of headaches. Employees manually scrutinize identification presented by customers who want to purchase age-restricted items available at Alley Kat Lane—specifically, alcoholic beverages and tobacco. However, they also use EasyDL™ to double-check patrons’ ages by scanning the bar codes on their drivers’ licenses. According to the owner, “It’s a great backup system.” With age verification being a federal requirement for selling age-restricted items, “taking a chance of missing something while looking at a birthday manually is a high risk. The solution really gives us peace of mind.”

Their investment of $2,977 for the point of sale terminal and software combined was “well worth it given the wealth of consistent, accurate information” it provides. Installation and training were “quick and easy,” he reported. “I would definitely recommend this POS bundle to other retail businesses.”

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